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Anica MATIJASEVIC expose

à partir du 07 Décembre 2018
à la Galerie Saint Germain
à Perpignan

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Du  6 Août au 31 Août 2018
Exposition de Sculptures
au CASINO de Vernet-les-Bains 66820 Pyrénées Orientales


Les 28 et 29 Juillet 2018 : Exposition en Allemagne
"Internationale Kunstmesse  ART ENDINGEN 2018"
du 13 au 24 Février 2018
au Parc Expo à Perpignan

du 18 au 26 mars 2017

à Lörrach, en Allemagne, près de Bâle






Anica Matijasevic


Lives and works in VERNET-LES-BAINS (Pyrénées-Orientales)

Travels, on request, to conduct workshops and exhibitions

Technics used : Clay, Drawings, Inks, Pastels, Pigments...

Born on 20th March 1957 in Donji Zovik Bosnia-Herzegovia

Moved to France in 1969


Using sculpturing, painting, drawing as tools, I work on myths, symbols, expression of the female  inner foce, as well as on the reinstatement in an etymological sense of the female and male energy of the forces of the elements.

My sculptures materialise, among other things, ancient goddesses which may also echo the illustrations of these goddesses still very present with some Slavic peoples in their legends, songs, proverbs and exorcisings, as well as in many other civilizations through space and times of our global heritage.

From these ancient practices, I seek to extract symbols and rites, as story tellers in Eastern countries do : when a story ends, it calls for another one which, in turn, calls for a third one.

Raw Material...

Technics used for sculpturing :

I work mainly with sculpturing clay and also with finer clays of various colours. The clay is worked in the bulk and is then dug out to be fired.

Technics used for painted panels :

This work is done in successive stages : drawing, photocopying, transferring, then colouring by means of inks, coloured pencils, oil pastels, pigments... on paper.

The Spirit

The spirit I put in my wok, as an Artist, is intended in a manner which is both personal and more global, to extract the spirit of a people's identity – NARODNOST, in my native language.

I could also express it as :


This work brings me to work on ancient Slavic goddesses, the elementals, the TOTEM animals, as well as on the goddesses which refer to myths and symbols of long gone civilizations.

Touching trough Space and Times these invisible threads which build up in our collective memory, I seek to re-actualize, make these threads visible, to invite one to find the origins of our own Divineness.



« As long as we belong to this life
We are shaped like a vase so to speak,
Owing to our body made of clay,
That’s why as long as we are here below
and our lives are in the potter’s hands,
even if the vase can fall from his hands,
it can still be repaired and made
as good as new again”.




My first predilection, my motivation lies definitely in this plasticity the Earth allows and promises.

Curve- shaped and S- shaped volumes arise from a desire, an emotion, a temptation.
They are linked to the Soul of the Womanhood from which the Woman Pleasure is extracted.
They are linked to the four elements and reveal moving genuises.
They are linked to the quest for harmony and restore the Dance of Male and Female.

The One,
The Two,
The Three,

Matter and sensitivity are moving along in order to become flesh and to create
symbolism, authenticity, humility, narcissism.

Daringly, nobly, with passion and reason.

                                                                                                                        Anitsa - M


Anica MATIJASEVIC - Mobile :  06 08 43 21 79 - Email :  anicamat@hotmail.com