Painter and creator


Biography and artistic journey :
I was born in  the village of Marseillan located in the shores of the Thau Basin 1953.
Studied General Education  at the  Joffre Lycee  of Montpellier with  a major in fine woodworking and ebanisterie.

During this period I also worked in sculpture and figurative painting.
I created (jai integre Compagnons du Devoir of the Tour de France, during a two year period I perfected my knowledge and techniques.

For personal reasons I continued solo my Artistic Tour de France, painting and sculpting.

This period was very enriching from a personal and professional point of view
Upon returning to my place of birth 1972 I worked in the area of fine carpentry and fine ebanisterie in several enterprises of the Herault region while at the same time continuing with my painting and participating in shows and exhibits.

In 1975 I by the Toulouse (Normale) school where after an internship in Marseille I graduated as a teacher.commenced as a professor of woodworking in Bedarieux and Montpellier, I was selected

At the same time in 2003 I continued painting veering towards the abstract expression.

While I put aside traditional sculpture for the benefit of  sculptural creation.

I had the opportunity to teach in Mayotte in the Indian Ocean, during this period I explored the influences of Africa, Madagascar, La Reunion and Isle Maurice.

Upon my return to Metropolitan France I was elected as a professor at Pezenas, there I created a baccalaureate in high ebanisterie and woodworking as an artistic form, and finished my stay in 2003.

Since then I have dedicated myself exclusively to develop my abstract painting, taking into consideration three symbols, to know the lines and its reliefs explore the luminous colors of paint  and mineral in laying in the Universe and the natural elements during their passing through life,  these are the source of my inspiration.

At the present time my painting and form creation are maybe  Both  an instinctive  and intuitive play on the subtle colors and shades.

I express myself equally through my sculptural creations incorporating all the materials I can  integrate in every case with light as the origin of life notwitstanding  a short artistic passage at Montpellier Fine Arts in 1969 my work remains atypical and autodidacts.

Nowadays I am as every year in my Studio-Gallery in Pezenas from May to October.

                                                                                        Gérard BONIFACE



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